Box Hill’s Trusted IT Support Service For All Things Computer Repairs And Upgrades

Whether your internet keeps freezing for no discernible reason, or you suspect your laptop has caught a bug, or perhaps your computer simply won’t start, your friendly neighbourhood IT service is here to help you.

Our trained technicians provide several computer support services such as virus and spyware removal, setting up home networks, computer repairs, security advice, upgrades, backup solutions and other IT problems for residences and businesses in Box Hill and around Melbourne. We know how stressful and overwhelming problems with technology can be, and how difficult it can be to solve it without experience. No matter what you struggle with, we will solve the problem efficiently, affordably, and always with a smile.

IT support contracts for businesses in Melbourne

We offer our services both to private people and businesses. We offer IT contract solutions for Melbourne businesses, so that you can rest assured that you have a team of technicians at your back for all those unforeseen tech problems. Computer problems during business hours can be costly and frustrating, costing you customer loyalty and important income. Make sure you’ve made all the precautions you can.

Computer support services brought to you in Melbourne

Is your computer acting up? Not to worry, you don’t have to bring it in to our Box Hill office. No matter where you are in Melbourne we’ll send a technician to you to fix it in your home or at your workplace. Easy as that.

Contact us to solve your IT problems today

Whether you are a business owner struggling with an unresponsive payment system, or you are at home struggling with a lagging network that’s keeping you from an important family skype conversation – stop yelling at your computer and lower your shoulders. No matter your computer or tech problem, our team of experienced and patient technicians are here to help you! Whether your problems are urgent, or you wish help with setting up a new network or computer, call us on 03 9016 3652 or 0400 363 811, and we will help you as soon as we can!